Unfortunately, the version of The Humanoids I read also contains the Jack Williamson short story “With Folded Hands,” which is a. Jack Williamson’s novel, The Humanoids (), is considered of the most important stories about robots and humanity. Many previous stories about robots, . To Serve and Obey, And Guard Men from Harm. Thats their slogan. Theyre the humanoids, created by a well-intentioned scientist named.

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I may sometime dig into his sequel, The Humanoid Touch, but I make it a rule never to read two books by the same author back to back. Slowly the humanoids spread throughout the galaxy, threatening to stifle all human endeavor. July ’47 saw the release of his much-acclaimed short story “With Folded Hands” in the pages of “Astounding Science-Fiction,” followed by the tale’s two-part serialized sequel, “And Searching Mind,” in that influential magazine’s March and April issues.

There is a bewildering array of psudo sciences explored in this novel too. The story accounts several attempts by humans to stop the Humanoids, only to show them fail each time. The science seems quaint and the characters are very s s thanks to Kernos for the correction: Books by Jack Williamson.

The Humanoids put a stop to all that, at the cost of human freedom.

The Humanoids: A Novel – Jack Williamson – Google Books

They allow no humans to drive, ride a bicycle, have unsupervised sex, smoke, d Classic SF. The novel describes a much more evolved conspiracy against humanoid domination, including a telekinetic child prodigy named Jane Carter and a charismatic leader named Mark White. The struggle between Dr. Classic science fiction novel by Jack Williamson that explores the same themes and basic set up as his ground-breaking novella “With Folded Hands.

However view spoiler [the ending of this confuses me.

Work of all kinds is made obsolete because every need is accomplished by the robots, although the robots don’t bother to ask if their help is wanted. I felt anxious for the characters to end the tyranny of the overprotective androids, and frustrated when they met with failure each time. Should one wise man make decisions for the so-called greater good or should people make their own, although dangerous, choices? Apparently if you write down an equation, you can do magic.


I discovered the book through a Webcomic, of all things, but the description of the novel captured my imagination: The good news is that the central story, about a scientist named Dr.

Maybe the author intended him to be so unlikable as a part of the story’s ironic arc — the androids offer him true health and happiness if he gives himself up to their control — but he’s not exactly someone I wanted to spend a lot of time with. Forrester good-savior-heroMr.

REVIEW – The Humanoids by Jack Williamson – Steven H. Wilson

Love the Robot Series by Azimov? The humanoids are out there in a great science fiction tthe that was written in the late forites, but is still amazing to read today.

The Humanoids were just too efficient to defeat. It is however a solution worthwhile contemplating.

The Humanoids

I remember reading it a long time ago in my teens. Whether the service of hte Humanoids is beyond reproach or not seems the basic question Williamson tries to work out. He lives in Portales, New Mexico. Williamson wrote a sequel “The Humanoid Touch” in I highly recommend this book if you appreciate hard science fiction. This was serialized, also in Astounding March, April and Mayas Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. Though i feel this is a bit harsh, still the book is about men, not Man.

Preview — The Humanoids by Jack Williamson.


This is the novelized or expanded version of the great shorter novella “With Folded Hands” written in during the aftermath of WWII and the disastrous deployment of the atomic bomb. In a interview, Williamson revealed how the story construction reflected events humanoirs his childhood in addition to technological extrapolations:.


Jun 11, Rebecca rated it really liked it. Should we invent and use tireless, perfect machines to anticipate and fulfill our every need? And Searching Mindand finally published as The Humanoids Paperbackpages.

Should we give them the power to make our decisions for us, to prevent us from possible harm, and to restrict our personal freedoms “for our own good. Williamson drags along the journey of The Humanoids conquering of the world during the short story “With Folded Hands”, and one remaining chance for humanity to save itself in the actual novel. A touching story, i felt its power linger for hours ghe a group celebration for my girlfriend’s now wife’s birthday party.

I love good SF from the Golden Age, and this is an excellent example. Readers expecting a traditional humans vs.

And of course, learning that psychophysical power teh the creative force of the universe, and could not be used for murder because it was pure love, shows that not only did Williamson out-Borg the Borg 50 years earlier, he was also a couple decades ahead of The Beatles. Read the book to see how it ends!

A good short book, with some great characters, and occasional prose passages that read more like poetry than science fiction.

This is a great introduction to sci-fi for anyone who lived during the first half of the 20th century. I’m planning to see how the second volume in the series is reviewed and then I’ll decide if I want to read that. The protagonist fights the domination of the humanoids for most of the book.