I now pronounce you someone else / Erin McCahan. Eighteen-year-old Bronwen has long felt that she was switched with another child at birth, and so although. Here comes the bride, if she can pass chemistry. Bronwen Oliver wants a family – the right family instead of the one she was born into which. Here Comes the Bride — If She Can Pass Chemistry. Eighteen-year-old Bronwen Oliver has a secret: She’s really Phoebe, the lost daughter of the loving.

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The story really picks up when Bronwen reunites with Jesus’s old friend, Jared Sondervan. And talking about Jared, I loved him too, and while he was nearly perfect and swoon-worthy, in my opinion, McCahan also gave him reasonable down-falls to his character, which was something I liked seeing amongst all the other “perfect” YA boyfriends in books.

I Now Pronounce You Someone Else

What happened to the plan her step-father had to adopt her? I think some relationships are meant to be and I was very skeptical with this book during the first chapter because it was kind of confusing but when I got to Chapter 2 I was like “oh, gotcha”. Debut author Erin McCahan uses the simplest of dialogue to create differentiated and well-rounded characters without the dose of melodrama that YA contemporary fiction sometimes has.

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I found her mother pretty offensive. Bronwen never felt accepted by her mother. Other than that I loved this book and I will definitely keep track of this author! I empathized with her situation and, like Bronwen herself, didn’t see a way in which she could actually have it all.


Jared has the family that Bronwen has always yearned for. There was a lot fun and funny moments I liked about this book, the family arguing at Thanksgiving and banter for one, the embarrassments for another and most of all I love that it never felt fake, not even once, and when I closed the book I let out a content sigh.

This was a really cute book.

There was no definite happy ending, which actually fit the story. It reminds me of a lighter version of Twenty Boy Summer, another fabulous contemporary novel. The way McCahan writes I Now Pronounce You Someone Else, we get to see Bronwen discover the same thing — her mistakes and how they helped shape her into a stronger person.

Though, there was a downfall to this book and that was the ending. Second, characters talk over each other for a realistic feel.

But the whole tone of the story felt different from a lot of books, even though it deals with the usual themes of being yourself, family, acceptance, and following your heart. This isn’t a fairytale. But the whole tone of the story elss different from a lot of books, even though it deals with the usual themes of being yourself, family, acceptanc This els been on my to-read list for a while.

Still, I thought Brownen was too prknounce to get married. Soon Bronwen learns that there’s more than just a ring and a change of last names in becoming who she wants and needs to be, as well as one of the hardest decisions she will ever make looming in the near future.


But how can she become someone else when she doesn’t even really know who she is now? She lives with her mother, step-father and sometimes her college aged brother in East Grand Rapids, Michigan.

I find it pretty, lovely and overall just beauteous! So whether or not you understand their point of view, you want to read about them.

Availability: I now pronounce you someone else / Erin McCahan.

Because that’s what she wants, right? They didn’t talk about it.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. I think it is because Bronwen has a strong and geniune narrative. Jared was a sweetheart, but not flawless by any means. It didn’t happen quite that way or in the timing I wanted, but McCahan’s way was more realistic and probably better for providing a powerful punch.

Oct 31, Reading Teen rated it really liked it. I found their situation very realistic and I can totally see eomeone McCahan chose to put her characters through so much.

That’s a different name.