Here is a detailed guide to help you regarding this process. First of find out an auspicious date for the puja as per the Hindu calendar. Once the date is fixed. One of the oldest and most commonly practised housewarming ceremonies is the Gruhapravesam. A Gruhapravesam ceremony is performed before settling into. Gruhapravesam procedure is already discussed in the previous postings. I want to add only one or two points in addition to the above.

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Thanks, With Best Regards, Astroved member support. Divya, Thank you for your comment on blogs. Hi sir, We have purchased new flat. Where to prepare the Kalash. Before we enter into the new house we have to worship a cow with its child and we should get the cow go into the new house and go into all the rooms.

These poojas help in purifying house by warding off the evils and vastu doshas, if any. Please suggest an alternate time if the one above is not suitable. Please suggest the good date for grahpravas.

I HV to shift before Aug 1. It is mandatory to avoid the Griha Pravesh Pooja if the lady is expecting child. Please suggest any better procedurre and time. I then rented the place out. Is it ok to do so.

How to Do Self Griha Pravesh Puja

Namaste Guruji, I live in US, we recently bought a new house and we are supposed to move to our new house by the end of Jan. I want to rguhapravesam griha parvesh puja for my new flat in bangalore.

You might find new opportunities which might make your life more happy and prosperous. Can we do on full moon day Jan 31st and lunar eclipse coming on the day. This is not giving a party to all friend in a hotel. The basic procedure on doing the Grahapravesam rituals are Ganapathy Homa to remove the obstaclesLakshmi Kubera Homa to obtain ggruhapravesam of the persons who live in that Graha House and Navagraha shanthi Homa to overcome from all the negativities like drishti dosha and Vaasthu pooja formal ritual before entering a new house to live with Peace and Prosperity.


Gruhapravesam procedure is already discussed in the previous postings. Hi Sarita, Congratulations for the wonderful change of place. The 2nd one will be to give respect to your mom, you can perform after the peocedure year annniversary. Thanks, With Kind Regards, Astroved member support.

Please visit our website www. I am planning o marry soon also.

People are saying from Nov 28 to Feb 19 there is sukra moodam. My father is abroad so only option we have is my mom and sister or my cousin sister and her husband can sit. Also can I set up the house one day before and on the Griha Pravesh day I formally enter procedude house with my family and do Pooja in the morning.

In some different sites I get to know Dat before the griha pravesh Pooja the lady of house will enter with a pot full of water or milk, and the husband will enter with a ganesha Idol. On the night of gruhapravesam, the owner along with family members has to stay gruhaprvesam the new dream house and sleep for lrocedure continuous nights.

This is hung at the main entrance door to ward off evil eye i.

It should be freshly painted and the roof should be ready if it is an independent house. Indians are generally particular about shubh muhurats, when it comes to buying a property or shifting to a new house. Also after he ceremony should we need to stay home or can perform the grand function later. Hello Saritha This is very good new as you going to shift to another place. I’m a single lady Please suggest dates in the month of may or june for grah gruhapravewam Pooja for our new flat in Gruhhapravesam.


Dear Sir, I would like know, I am a person who divorce from my wife.

Top Gruhapravesam Tips for Your New Home

Is there any auspicious date between July-1 to August 14 for doing griyaprivesh. Still i am not done vastu pooja. I do everything on my own. Can you suggest a few dates?

The […] Auspicious days to celebrate Important things to consider Celebrating in style. Dear Sir, Can I stay in my new house before one day griha pravesh puja? Namaste, Please Perform the Grahapravesam Pooja first and after marriage, you both can live in that New house. Anything about the date that we need to avoid? Can we do Griha pravesh before one year of death of her. Namaste, Actually there is nothing wrong that if you sit in the pooja, if you cannot sit down, you can use a chair while doing the sankalpa alone.

We want to do Graha Pravesham and other homas in a elaborate way. Namaste, Yes, the Elderly persons of the family such as parents and iNLSas can sit for sankalpa,doing a Pooja between 4.

Did you perform the grahapravesam. Please advice if this is the best day for Grah Praveh pooja.