Gregory Bateson intended his posthumous book Angels Fear as an approach to the scientific explanation of natural phenomena in the living world based on. Angels Fear is Gregory Bateson’s well-founded fear for a culture, our culture, that may destroy itself by its very success. The book goes much deeper than the. Angels Fear Towards an Epistemology of the Sacred. Gregory Bateson Letter To The Editor Connecting Gregory and Mary Catherine Bateson’s Angels Fear.

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Towards an Epistemology of the Sacred Author s: For example, the embryo must know the order of steps for its epigenesis, within the algorithm of batwson development. He scatters throughout his examples the problem that aesthetic communication, though it is about interwoven regularities, is not the sort of communication with which we engage in our normal descriptions.

Jeremy rated it really liked it Aug 26, Video Mind, Earth Mind: This is non-science, more akin to seeking solutions in magic than in science The Manhattan Project had altered the whole position of the science of physics in both purpose and ethical baateson.

However, Maturana had seemed to change the rules of the game one more time.

Despite the relatively abrupt introduction of this passage recounting the tale of Oedipus, Fate and hubris, it immediately precedes another passage which summarizes his approach to his book. Bateson did from time to time wonder out aloud whether aesthetic sensibility might, like consciousness itself, contain its own pathologies.

This pattern of recursiveness permits a very different calculus for self-reference. Every time I learn something new. James Watson has always been at one end of the argument since the s. To the contrary the presence of re-entry can be regarded as a pre-condition for understanding the abstract logic of recursion. So I am not really able to talk the contents, except that is is truely mysterious.


There are also interesting passages about biological recursion in unpublished sections of Mind and Nature Harries-Jones, The major investigation would be one of how parts fit into a holistic order, and vice versa, how holistic order is contained in the development of parts.

They agree that biological approaches are dominated by erroneous interpretations in which a function – standing for part- of- a- whole – is considered to be as an imputed causal mechanism in nearly all of biology. Keller argues, in keeping with Bateson, there are now so many findings of extensive redundancy that fall out side the genetic paradigm that there has to be a return to the sort of problems that were of central concern to many embryologists in the early part of the 20 th century.

The myths in our own society, our hubris, makes all the more necessary a perspective oriented towards recursion in biological systems and the development of an appropriate recursive epistemology to match.

Gregory Bateson, Angels Fear Towards an Epistemology of the Sacred – PhilPapers

Angels Fear published posthumously in was co-authored by his daughter Mary Catherine Bateson. What was unexpected was that the same sort of issues might arise within molecular biology. A living system engaged in the production of its living faer and, since production was an organized procedure, and that organized procedure laid down its own path, the process of self-production gave those living components coherence.

The following are greogry of the examples:. Family Process 24 4.

The book shifts, sometimes abruptly, between the two. Some of the book goes over ground that Bateson had covered in prior publications, yet it contains three new themes. We are defended from doubt by an unawareness of these gaps.


Living systems are recursive systems, any substantial investigation of them will always come around to stab you in the back. No us deixeu enganyar pel disseny de la portada Genes do not control; they cooperate in producing variations on generic themes produced by the dynamics of morphogenetic fields Goodwin, Hugh Palmer rated it it was amazing Jan 15, Knowledge and the Sacred.

Angels Fear: Towards an Epistemology of the Sacred

In the few seconds that the pilots were off the ground and in the air above the ground, they were in risk of their lives because they were in total ignorance of the medium in which they tried to assert their control. Recipes for sequence are injunctions that lie between the lines of the commutative or distributive laws of mathematical logic.

The final section of the article steps outside Angels Fear to address briefly issues raised by the introduction of two processes of recursion, the one semantic and interpretative Batesonthe other structural Maturana.

Otherwise a science of ecology would be bad science. Impossible to give a speedy summary of Bateson’s thought here, but suffice it to say that he recognized that his thoughts about mind, and our relationship to the ever-evolving world, required him to address beauty and the sacred.