Bergsonism. Gilles Gilles Deleuze in Continental Philosophy Destroying Duration: The Critical Situation of Bergsonism in Benjamin’s Analysis of Modern. Gilles Deleuze. Private letter. I believe that we run very great risks in desir- ing to reconstitute an author’s influences based on the external resemblances of a. In this companion book to Bergson’s Matter and Memory, Deleuze demonstrates both Gilles Deleuze is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Paris VIII.

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Brian Massumi – – Deleuze and Guatarri Studies 4 1: According to Deleze Deleuze, one of the most brilliant contemporary philosophers, this question of “novelty” is the major problem posed by Bergson’s work. Books by Gilles Deleuze. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Virtuality (philosophy) – Wikipedia

A dictionary definition written by Charles Sanders Peircereferencing the philosophy of Duns Scotussupports this understanding of the virtual as something that is “as if” it were real, and the everyday use of the term to indicate what is “virtually” so, but not so in fact.

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A virtual velocity is something not a velocity, but a displacement; but equivalent to a velocity in the formula, ‘what is gained in velocity is lost in power.

Aug 19, Steven Peck rated it really liked it. London and New York: Duration as Immediate Datum. According to Massumi in “Parables for the Virtual [8] “the virtual is something “inaccessible to the senses” and can be felt in its effects.


I hope this review makes sense. The Difference and Repetition of Deleuze. Often dismissed a fuzzy and imprecise concept or feeling, Deleuze here reclaims it not only as the organizing thread of the entire Bergsonian edifice, but as ‘one of bergsonis most fully developed methods in philosophy’ par excellence. Bergsonism is also important to an understanding of Deleuze’s own work, influenced as it is by Bergson. You can tell that Deleuze really loves and respects Bergson.

An astonishing exegesis on the work of Bergson, it comes across with extraordinary clarity and precision in its argument structure.


However, note that the writers above all use terms such as “possible”, “potential” and “real” in different ways and relate the virtual to these other terms differently. And although I wouldn’t recommend this book for newcomers to Bergson – it moves too quick for that, I think – there’s reward aplenty for those looking to get a better handle on one of the twentieth century’s most intriguing and controversial thinkers. May 20, Nathan rated it it was amazing.

He wrote on Spinoza, Nietzche, Kant, Leibniz and others, including literary authors and works, cinema, and art. Anthony Zirpoli rated it really liked it Sep 25, Cristian Rodriguez rated it liked it May 26, No eBook available Amazon. Renaud Barbaras – – In Michael R.

As a side note, Bergson’s idea of time adds a whole new level of richness to Nietzsche’s story of the eternal return an idea which becomes more and more intense, fascinating, and mysterious the more I study and experience. The Logic of Sensation Cinema 1: The idea of repetition still needs unpacking, digging, searching, and exploring. Cole – – Educational Philosophy and Theory 43 6: Deleuze is the philosopher who, more than others, uses other philosophers for his own philosophy.


To ask other readers questions about Bergsonismplease sign up.

Towards a Minor Literature Rhizome Nomadology: My library Help Advanced Book Search. Contains a clear definition of the virtual, a concept Deleuze takes up in his work outside of the history of philosophy. Brian Massumi shows the political implications of this.

For the potential X is of the nature of Xbut is without actual efficiency. It is what is not realbut displays the full qualities of the real—in a plainly actual i. Deleuze regards the opposite of the virtual as the actual.

Virtuality (philosophy)

This example actually leads to the second aspect of the virtual that Deleuze insists upon: I don’t really understand the virtual as a concept, yet.

So, too, the sun was said to be virtualiter on earth, that is, in its efficiency.

Gioles afraid I haven’t read enough of Bergson, and what I did read was ages ago, to make a serious judgment on Deleuze’s analysis, but I think I should perhaps read a bit more of both writers again. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Lovejoy – – International Journal of Ethics 23 3: