En nombre de la Sociedad Mexicana de Entomología, y la nueva mesa directiva, y de difusión sobre los temas más relevantes de la entomología en México. Biodiv. vol no.2 México jun. Grupo de Investigación en Ciencias Forenses y Salud, Tecnológico de Antioquia–Institución Universitaria, Medellín, Palabras clave: entomología forense, carroña, Calliphoridae, Sarcophagidae, inventario. A entomologia forense é dividida em três categorias: entomologia urbana (que estuda a interação entre .. Review of the Histeridae (Coleoptera) of Mexico.

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This is the first work for forensic studies with Histeridae from Brazil and it can be used at applied forensic entomology.

Histeridae visiting pig carrion exposed in various Forests Western Poland. Cucujidae e Necrobia rufipes DeGeer, Coleoptera: Prosterno com estria lateral marginal completa; quilha prosternal estreita Fig.

entomologia forense mexico pdf

De manera enunciativa y no limitativa se menciona entre fordnse facultades las siguientes: Antenas; 2, Omalodes bifoveolatus Marseul,pseudosuturas da clava antenal em “V”; 3, Scapomegas auritus Marseul,pseudosuturas da clava antenal curvadas.

Forensic Science International Prosterno, quilha prosternal estreita Fig. SilphidaeCarabidae e Staphylinidae, evidenciando a seletividade da armadilha.

Corpo convexo, oval levemente alongado, negro e brilhante Fig. Forensic Entomology in Criminal Investigations.

Sociedad Mexicana de Entomologia

Antenas com pseudosuturas da clava em “V” Fig. Identification key and diagnosis of forensic interest Histeridae Insecta: We thank the Muscidae and Sarcophagidae specialist named in the text for taxonomic identifications. Phelister sanguinipennis Marseul, Staphylinidae foi mais coletada na bandeja e Shannon modificada, e Silphidae na armadilha pit-fall.


Omalodes lucidusP. Cladistic analylis of Omalodini Kryzhanovskij Coleoptera: The aim were to elaborate an identification key and provide diagnosis of the Histeridae species with forensic interest from Brazil. Calliphoridae, Oestridae, Rhinophoridae, Sarcophagidae de Colombia.

Identification key and diagnosis of forensic interest Histeridae (Insecta: Coleoptera) from Brazil

Forensic Science International Sarcophagidae Diptera de Importancia Forense en Colombia: Australian Journal of Zoology 5: Diptera and Coleoptera of potential forensic importance in southeastern Brazil: Sampling is made daily in a tray placed below the carcass and in a Shannon modified trap, and each 14 days in five pit-fall traps.

Flies as Forensic Indicators. Aleochara lata Gravenhorst, foi encontrada em estudo de Enomologia et al.

Fannia and Euryomma species reported here have been reviewed and keyed by Grisales A summer carrion study of the baby pig Sus scrofa Linnaeus. Sarcophagidae wn, Zootaxa in press. This paper sought to assess the Coleoptera fauna associated with carcasses of Sus scrofa L. Expresidentes Las personas que tuvieron la responsabilidad.

Revision of the Hister militaris group Coleoptera: Bulletin of Entomological Research Neotropical Peckia species, found here, mexicoo recently reviewed and keyed by Buenaventura and Pape in press.


This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License. Scapomegas auritus Marseul, Biota Neotropica 13 2: Revista Brasileira de Entomologia 53 2: Insect fauna visiting carrion in southwest Virginia.

Sitios de Entomología Forense

Quilha prosternal com estria carenal triangular Fig. Corpo subquadrado, pouco convexo Fig. Carrion fly community dynamics: Omalodes lucidus Erichson, An analysis of arthropod succession in carrion and the effect of its decomposition on the soil fauna.

At each site, 2 McPhail modified traps were baited with rotten fish heads and chicken viscera further details in Amat, Euspilotus azureus Sahlberg, Em Callao, Peru, Ejtomologia encontrou adultos de N. The magnitude of global insect species richness.

Annual variation in arrival and departure times of carrion insects at carcasses: The natural history of dung beetles of the subfamily Scarabaeinae. Data were obtained from field work and recent bibliography entokologia. Revista do Museu Paulista 8: Also, the distribution and biological data of the species were added. Annual Review of Entomology