0, Wanted: Rules and Reference sheet. by D HELLCustom Wed Apr 6, am. 0. Wed Apr 6, am. by D HELLCustom. 0, Reference sheet. Dungeonquest Catacombs (Based on a BRIA AB expansion) allows players to explore the tunnels and catacombs below the dungeon within Dragonfire. The catacombs are only accessible from the lowest floor. or adjacent rooms, depending on your game rules), they can choose to trade items.

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B Enter the Catacombs and draw a Catacombs card. Room Cards You must take a Room card from the top of the deck whenever you eater a new tile, unless it is a Special tile and its special rules tell you otherwise. The cards are returned to the bottom of their respective decks, and your turn is over. You may only ever carry one potion at a time; if you find any more you must discard them. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

You have found some treasure. If the destination square already contains a Room tile there must be an entrance lining up with the exit, see example 1. If the system lags, the experience of play is damaged, and consequently, people will stop playing which hurts business. If you entered the tile through a Door, you may escape without having to draw another Door card.

A heavy iron portcullis smashes down behind your character. On your next turn you can either leave the Treasure Chamber by any exit, or you can stay there drawing two more Treasure counters and another Dragon counter. Tower Rooms and Treasure Chamber These locations are printed on the gameboard, and act just like Room tiles that are ‘fixed’ in place.

Normal tiles have a white Entry Arrow, and special tiles have a coloured Entry Arrow red, yellow, blue green, orange white or purple. You must take a Door card when anempting to move through a Door. In all, the game contains room tiles. Do not take a Room card on entering the Treasure Chamber.


Multiple floors Online multiplayer capabilities Revised loot and bartering Multiple Floors Rather than making the dungeon 2-dimensional, it should be three-dimensional.

If there was already a Room tile on the square to which you moved, you do not draw a Room tile, but still draw a Room card. Refer to Section 8 of the rulebook for combat rules. If you decide not to search the body, return this card to the bottom of the Room deck. Light your torches, prepare your weapons, and get ready for a fastpaced and thrilling adventure through Dragonfire Dungeon.

This expansion set includes full rules and components for venturing into the dread Catacombs, as well as new traps, monsters, treasures and room tiles for you to encounter in the normal dungeon. Trading happens through a two-phase proposal:.

The space may be a room with several doorways, it may be a turn, a hallway, a dead end, a bottomless pit, a rotating room or several other spaces.

The way the rules read page 21 it would seem that ‘A’ it the correct rule. This ring causes a flash of light which will blind any Monster. If the number you picked is rolled, your character hs been killed by the cave-in ruless you have lost the game. Note that this is different from falling off the Bridge, in which case you end your falling turn in the Catacombs already, so on your next turn are already there. Full instructions for the Tower squares can be found on the Reference Sheet.

Old men draw closer to their fires and tell of the noises which echo across the valley at night, when the castle seems to take on a malign life of its own. You might even extend this over a longer dungeonquuest, or keep a ‘league table’ – divide a player’s treasure total by the number of games played, and you will have a number which reflects how good a player he or she is.


Two of the key aspects of this project that you should model very closely is movement catzcombs combat. Take a Room card as normal but, next turn you may only leave through an exit on the same side as the way you came in by. At the beginning of each round, before taking his turn, the First Player moves the yellow counter one space along the Sun Track. That is why I created the house rules presented below, as well as some slightly beefed up characters – breathing new life dungeonquedt our quests into the dungeon.

This lot is for a used set of classic Dungeonquest ‘monster’ cards.


You should always return a card to the bottom of the deck it came from after you catacomsb followed its instructions, unless the instructions tell you otherwise. I’ll do a PDF or two for all that new stuff of mine too.

Trap cards are as follows:. Place the card face-up beside your character sheet. With skill and a bit of luck, your character will reach the Treasure Chamber, with its incalculable riches and its large. rles

Entering the Catacombs Rules Question – DungeonQuest – FFG Community

In your next tum, you may try the door again or leave via a different exit. Once the counter reaches zero, the longbow cannot be used again. As soon as the token reaches the skull, night rhles, and any player whose character is still inside the ru,es has lost the game.

So, for example, if you lose 3 LPs, move your token along 3 spaces. As soon as you draw this card, all the Corridor tiles in the dungeon will rotate. Robustness The robustness requirement should be interpreted to also encompass fault tolerance.