or following the medical rules of hygiene and disease prevention; it also meant of distinguished medical professionals, the prenuptial examination seemed a. CERTIFICAT MEDICAL PRENUPŢIAL. Serveşte oficiului de stare civilă în vederea încheierii căsătoriei. Se eliberează de către medicul de. Affidavit oflaw (certificat de coutume):Thiscertifies that theAmerican citizen is freetoget Medical certificate (certificat médical prénuptial): You both must get a .

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Gulliver November 21, Romanian law is very strict on this notion and will lawfully punish any priest or church leader who performs a marriage without first having a legal marriage certificate in their possession.

You can request verification for native languages by prenuptizl a simple application that takes only a couple of minutes. In some countries polygamy is legal, in France it is illegal. Hi, You would need to translate it in Romanian, and then have it apostatized in the original country.

Romania is a country with a diverse amount of religious and churches. English PRO pts in pair: Term search All of ProZ.

How to get Married in Romania – Step by Step Guide with Pictures

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Even though there are different matrimonial regimes in Romania with different rules, all have some rules which are universal, the universal rules are as follows:.

How to Get Married in Romania. Participation is free and certifjcat site has a strict confidentiality policy. Being well prepared and knowing what to expect ahead of time will ensure you that you can spend more time planning your wedding than dealing with government bureaucracy. The day waiting period is to give the city hall time to publish your, and your spouses, names and birthdays either online or on a local bulletin board with the information that you two intend to wed.


Odds are that if you plan on getting married to a Romanian citizen that they will want to have a religious ceremony in their church after the civil marriage. Would i need to go back to South Africa immediately to have my passport changed? Only an attorney licensed to practice certifica both France and the United States may execute this document.

Belgium, Bulgaria, China, Macedonia. Religious marriages are not recognized as legally binding. The community of property matrimonial regime is the default option and most used regime. The matrimonial regime you select will only be prenupptial if you and your spouse decide to reside in Romania after you are married.

The matrimonial regime you and your spouse wish to use must be selected at the time you submit the marriage declaration. French term or phrase: When researching how to get married in Romania you might be surprised to discover that Romania requires both future spouses to first have a blood test done, and second, to have it certified by a qualified medic.

Patents, Trademarks, Copyright Law: If neither you nor your future spouse has a family doctor in Romania, you can ask the clinic that did the blood test where you can take them to get them certified.

Certain types of documents will need to be filed by both individuals, other documents will be unique to each person. A Certificat de Coutume is a type of affidavit, needed in certain circumstances. It is up to you and your spouse to discuss this step and decide on how your wedding will play out. Gulliver December 28, You have native languages that can be verified You can request verification for native languages by completing a simple application that takes only a couple of minutes.


As always, if you have any questions after reading this guide, leave us a comment and we will help clarify or point you in the direction of further information. The translation can prenuptizl done anywhere, but the apostille needs to come from the country the document was issued from.

How to get Married in Romania – Step by Step Guide with Pictures

Jobs in Quebec that will last for period of days less do not require CAQ dividuals whose are LMIAexempt need to perform work udents QuebecMost individuals intend study must first obtain before applying the Canadian federal immigration authorities Canada Permit. If you have a South Africa Passport which is your only form certificah Identification in Romania, then you will need orenuptial have a new one issued to you.

The witness can be anyone 18 years and older.

Basically it states the laws governing marriage in the issuing country. It allows you to decided that certain assets, prenupial classes of assets, such as a property, or properties in general, remain individually owned.


This allows anyone who has an objection to your marriage such as a secret spouse to object to the marriage. This means that civil marriage, done through the city hall, is the only recognized binding form of marriage. In order for a Romanian city hall to process documents and issue a marriage certificate, one of the future spouses must be a resident of the city, commune, town, or cetificat where the city hall is located.