Overview. Camden Council wants to know if you think the Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) hours in some zones should change. Overview. Re: Consultation on Controlled Parking Zones (CPZs). Camden Council wants to know if you think the Controlled Parking Zone. The HS has received stage one of Camden’s CPZ consultation in Highgate ( stage two is to consult with residents) and must respond imminently. We have.

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Email this article to a friend To send a link to this page you must be logged in. Welcome Guest Log In Register. Seems to be unfair that I need to know all this is advance when parking in Camden. Please click the button to accept our cookies and hide this message. Meanwhile, other homeowners who have patiently waited for a year to take part in the consultation have not received the necessary documents.

By Charlotte Newton Haringey council has admitted that 2, consultation documents on a controlled parking zone in Crouch End were sent to the cwmden homes. Now my question is do Camden council need to provide these signs on every street or they can place this big sign on entry roads to the CPZ and that is enough. Looking at other posts I could not get a definitive answer.

Apparently these CPZ are all over central London and they are marked once you drive into them and on them they have restricted hours described. Others may find errors in the PCN itself.


Patience running out as council admits another CPZ blunder

CPZs rely solely on zone entry signs to give times of operation and to remove the need for time plates within the zone, except on lengths of road where the restrictions apply at different times to the rest of the zone. Now there are even some new other types of zones which do not need yellow lines!!!

Red faced officials have been forced to send letters of apology to homes in 31 roads, including Farrer Road, Rathcoole Avenue, Hillfield Avenue and Gisburn Road after they were erroneously included in the mailing list.

What I knew is that you not allowed to park on some yellow lines, camddn my understanding there should be a sign that says what hours are restricted. Norwich road reopened following crash.

Share Email this article to cajden friend. Have a look at zone CA-B its huge! Incandescent View Member Profile. Do you suggest its unenforceable there? A single zone covering a whole town, or suburb of a conurbation, would be much too large. The blunder means that hundreds of homes that should have been camdenn in the month-long consultation have camsen wrongly excluded.

We are not a transient population. Did you pass the signs on entering. Apparently this is not the case.


Mon, 13 Apr – So why did officers send the consultation documents out to the wrong addresses? See the Highway Code http: The embarrassing mix-up occurred after the council’s distribution company confused addresses and sent documents to homes outside the zone.

The simple answer to your question is that at every entry point to a CPZ there should be a large sign on both sides of the road except very narrow streets where one sign suffices. Football Rugby Cricket Cmaden Sport. However we welcome any feedback from residents living outside the consultation zone and will take their views into account when drawing up any camdenn parking or transport proposals for the wider area.

No harm in an informal challenge along the lines suggested. It seems unable to complete or organise a smooth running, hassle-free, CPZ consultation process.

Parking in Camden – Highgate Society

You mlght care to informally challenge the PCN the discount should normally be extended -see reverse of PCN please post this by the way – check that it will! The blunder means that hundreds of homes that should have been included in the month-long consult. At least it shows you aren’t just going to roll-over and pay-up.