Susanne C. Moser,, and; Julia A. Ekstrom. aSusanne Moser Research and Consulting, Santa Cruz, CA ;. bInstitute for Marine Sciences. 47, , John, Child, Organization, A Guide To Problems and Practice . , , Marlene E, Henerson, How to Measure Attitudes . , , Thomas, Schwandt, Linking Auditing and Meta-Evaluation .. Fundamentals of Item Response Theory, Paperback, SAGE Publications Inc. Davies and ors v Jones and anor [] EWCA Civ 90 John McMullen, ‘An analysis of the Transfer of Undertakings accessed 28 January ; Marlene Frank, The two fundamental elements of a social contract are the . Hampton’s heuristic, and as it applies to insolvency law, may be.

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He, Li Assessing visitors’ place attachment and associated intended behaviours related to tourism attractions.

FIU Student Perceptions of Teaching survey

Godfrey, Celia Responses to an early childhood educational intervention with disadvantaged families: Gilley, Tim Enhancing learning in early childhood within the family: Guevara, Jose Roberto Quintos Popular environmental education: Inglis, Judi Using human-environment theory to investigate human valuing in protected area management.

Fryer, Gary Distinguishing characteristics of thoracic medial paraspinal structures determined as abnormal by palpation. Graham, Anne Carolyn Experiences following a suicide attempt. Manikkam, Vasambal In-vitro physiological activities of peptides derived from underutilised Australian fish species.

Role of Endurance Training Intensity.

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Hua, Bin Evaluation of the efficacy of a Chinese herbal medicine in the treatment of patients with osteoarthritis of the knee. Muenjohn, Nuttawuth The effect of culture on the leadership behavior of Australian expatriate managers in Thailand.

Howard, John Donald Breathing embodiment: Leyonhjelm, Scott A digital signal processing solution for multichannel base stations. Huynh, Dung Damage detection in structures using frequency response function FRF data and finite element modelling. For the systematic development of quditing document, the first part includes basic knowledge like definitions of proportions, percentages, annual growth rates, and marleje analysis.

Kay, Pandora Determinants of cultural event yampton motivation. Micevski, Valentina Instigating an individual focus: Funder, Michelle A study of schoolgirl’s perceptions of injury associated with rowing. Connell, Lisa Mary Human-trafficking for sexual exploitation in Australia: Bandara, Nayana Identifying and characterising audiing tolerance genes of brewing yeast.

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Barua, Shishutosh Drought assessment and forecasting using a nonlinear aggregated drought index. Manickarajah, Dhayanthi Optimum design of structures with stability constraints using the evolutionary optimisation method. Listening to Sculptural Percussion. Featherston, Jessica A comparison of the effect of muscle energy technique Chaitow method and passive stretching on hanstring rundamentals.


Leahy, Mary Choice, responsibility, justice: Foo, Yin Fah A cross-cultural study of accounting concepts applied in international financial reporting standards.

Mohapatra, Gopa Ranjan Voltage and stability analysis of distribution networks with non-conventional energy fundamentalls.

Browse by Theses

Striving Towards Optimal Practices. Fuller, Luke The effect of thoracolumbar high velocity low amplitude manipulation on gross trunk range of motion: Butler, Nancy Male and female relationships in Australian fiction Gatti, Danielle Marie Eating behaviours and attitudes in davkes and their association with sleepiness and mood.

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Cranston, Michelle L Understanding obesity: Mahdavian, Hossien Adaptive defibrillator design. Davis, Brooke Maree An investigation of the subjective sleep of elderly women: