based on our studies and experience, that the much augmented Italian edition of Athènaze, by M. Balme, G. Lawall, L. Miraglia and T. F. Bórri. In addition to Oxford’s Athenaze text, there are a number of other texts like the workbook for Athenaze and Luigi Miraglia’s Italian edition of. i- I ATHENAZE An Introduction to Ancient Greek Second Edition Book!, Press with inspiration from L. Miraglia and T. F. B6rri’s Italian edition of Athenaze.

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Going back to what I said about patience, what you want after six months of Latin or Greek is to be well on your way to a bottoms-up natural feeling for the language, a confidence that with continued effort you could read the daily Athenian or Roman newspaper and converse with the sausage seller.

It’s more like if you were going on a year’s assignment to Poland and decided to learn Polish. In sum, obviously you need to learn Latin grammar in order to read Latin.

Athenaze, Workbook I : An Introduction to Ancient Greek

Maybe it’s the difference between the era of the Pax Romana in which Julius and his family live in the Familia Romana and the turbulent times in Attica at the outset of the Peloponnesian war.

I guess the danger of the natural-language approach is, you’re itching to read Cicero and Ovid and you lose patience. The Vivarium Novum web site claims a teacher’s guide is in the works Guida per i docentibut it seems it’s been in the works for over ten years.

Second, I am well aware there are many books and resources besides those I mention.

Athenaze, Workbook I : Gilbert Lawall :

For some reason Roma Aeternaunlike Familia Romanadoesn’t contain an index to the vocabulary. Each chapter concludes with all-Latin, mostly fill-in-the-blank exercises to reinforce specific points of grammar. To find out more, including how to control miraglua, see miraglla A well-meaning young man there tried his best to help me, but they just don’t have the logistics to handle overseas orders.

There are also CD’s that are probably to be recommended, but I’m not familiar with them. Board index Greek Learning Greek.

Finally, I would recommend the companion, The World of Athens: This classic is available on Amazon in a unabridged reprint from Dover. For the record, I was ultimately able athdnaze persuade the publisher to sell me the teacher’s handbooks and the audio CD, but it was an ordeal, and you should assume you wouldn’t be as lucky.


So, you want to know about the Italian Athenaze?

This method of inductive learning is employed to one degree or another by all the natural-language or immersion approaches. My source of input is the well-known textbook, Athenaze, used in my college course. Most contemporary resources seem to teach restored, with or without pitch accents. But a little more than a year ago, beginning to plan for retirement, I decided to resurrect my Greek and Latin.

The sophistication of the Latin and your Latin reading skill progressively build as you work your way through the fictional stories about Julius, Aemilia, and their family. Like Familia Romanathese two Greek series teach grammar in conjunction with immediate immersion in stories about a fictional family. It makes it painfully clear why upper school students who take our Greek minor typically though not always high-achieving Latin students learn so terribly little of the language despite their best efforts.

But you get there in parallel with graduated “perpetual” exercises in speaking and writing “everyday” Latin, question and answer pairs to be translated into, and spoken aloud, in Latin. Or if you just want to tell your story as to how you got your copy of Athenaze, go ahead. I am very sad I cannot email my eternal gratitude to this great and warmhearted humanist.

“Athenaze”: learning ancient Greek with the nature method

Untilwhen L. Unfortunately, as a self-learner, I am both the teacher and the student. Either by using English where the text uses Italian, or by putting together Greek language resources for grammar and exercises probably they would require some English too, to be honest, because Greek grammar terms are a long way from being as evident as Latin ones.

And as supplemental reading to chapters twenty and beyond, Alessandro Barbone and T. That said, with a competent teacher, you could re-scaffold the text for a non-Italian speaker.

I understand that this leaves the self-taught student in a difficult position. Athenaze was first published in the early ‘s, the second edition in On the other hand, I thought we did jiraglia given how long we met.

If you read Italian and want to study Greek, get this. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here At the end of your assignment, you might feel confident enough in your Polish to read and appreciate some recognized atjenaze of Polish poetry or prose.


JACT explicitly caters to self-learners as well as classrooms. I focused on be and have. For my purposes, especially since I am also brushing up on my Italian, I use the Italian edition as a fun and useful supplement, to aid my Italian as well as miragliaa Greek. The Vergil is miaglia prose versions of the verse.

Do I recommend Reading Greek or Athenaze? After that, it is assumed you can “read” the language. Greek on the computer; accentuation; pronunciation As a student in the classroom or as an autodidact, you’ll want to type in ancient Greek i. Athenaze, of course, is the venerable Oxford produced Classical Greek course first produced in and now into its third edition. In the grammar-first athdnaze, you learn the grammar first, while staying motivated via etymological tidbits and quotes from classical authors.

There’s no preface; you dive in with the first sentence of the first chapter of Familia Romana”Roma in Italia est. But the Athenaze CD serves its purpose; I especially like that it sticks with the pitch accent throughout its readings and does so at a pace you can follow and practice. Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide.

The Vivarium Novum web site is an eye feast and very informative you can click on each book, enlarge the display, and leaf through its pages. An Introduction to Ancient Greek Unfortunately, OUP only makes the miratlia handbooks and audio CD available to teachers and institutions purchasing the set for classroom teaching. This site uses Mirglia to reduce spam. As with Lingua LatinaI find the all-Greek marginal notes and illustrations a miragloa help in learning the Greek vocabulary.

I used Athenaze and quickly found it to be woefully inadequate—not worth the paper it is printed on.

I have not made a thorough study of this. There are 13 other low-frequency verbs, only occurring 1x.