Le Latin Sans Peine (French and Latin Edition) (French Edition) [Assimil] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Assimil method for teaching. Le Latin Collection Sans Peine livre – Latin for French speakers (Latin Edition) [ Isabelle Ducos-Filippi, Assimil] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying. First, this is a course in French. If you cannot read/write French, then unfortunately, this is not for you. Assimil’s courses are typically full of audio and light on.

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Le Latin, apprendre le latin – Assimil

Click on ‘Venalia’ on the sidebar and then on Editiones Latine or Anglice, as you prefer. Etiam et etiam iterare oportet Assimil, page Well it’s always in the last place you look. Quid des enregistrements audio? I applied the crib method just now to a downloaded audio recording in Greek of a famous four-liner by Sappho. Pas impossible que cela marche… mais encore faudrait-il faire le sondage. Pour moi, cela rend ce asximil quasiment inutile…. Latjn characterize this method is being “viva vox” or natural.

Not only that, they were phonetically minimal pairs. Please provide context for whatever you are asking to translateas a single phrase may have many different translations depending on its context.

Sed ego ipse, cum apellabant rem aliquam et cum secundum eam vocem asismil a aliquid movebant videbam et tenebam hoc abl. Google Translate is always wrong, always. Want to add to the discussion?


Lingua Latina is a great way to improve reading comprehension. With the advent of technologies that mechanically or electrically reproduce the human voice, the method has been rendered even more powerful. Skip the first page in Russian. Une fois de plus, je glisserai ici un souvenir personnel pour illustrer mon opinion: As a supplement to prepare for conversation Le Latin Sans Peine bookaudio is not bad.

I do not wish to hijack this thread, but you said something that struck me as odd. The Colloquia Latina have been far more useful, and interesting. He had done recordings for all the exercises for which there were no recordings in the original Assimil method.

I piene the Bob Dylan approach in that early video where he flashes a word card for each word of the song as his recording plays in the background. Join the official Latin discord server here: Pour moi, cela rend ce livre quasiment inutile… H. I am no expert on Latin methods in French, and although I can understand almost anything written in French, my knowledge on French language is not great.

Egger, Latine discere iuvat.

Many members of the Grex are also members of Schola, so there is cross fertilisation between the groups. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one sasimil thousands of communities. The membership on pene keeps jumping – over now, and a large number of these are professional academic Latinists, and there are a good mix of students, both tyros and advanced. The Assimil company has launched a totally new Assimil Latin course but this has been scathingly criticized by some.


Textkit Greek and Latin Forums

I have Lingua Latina, Familia Romana. If you’d like your ability or achievement in Latin to be confirmed by a flair, please message the mods with what you’d like it to say it’ll be different to the asssimil flairs that anyone can edit, as it will be imperial purple.

Nous arrivons donc avec une prononciation totalement artificielle. He died a couple of years ago.

Has anyone ever learned latin using the Assimil product? What were your/their results? : latin

However, I think the Grex is dying. Conscientious translation objectors remind me of people who think that oatin raising their voices and enunciating ever more distinctly they will get those poor foreigners to understand.

The second reason is this inability to edit or delete the comments once posted.