Buy Touch Typing in 1 Lesson: The Almena Method: Read 3 Kindle Store Reviews – Learn the keyboard in just 20 minutes! The Almena Method(r) is an innovative method that teaches writing, speed building and computer typing in One Easy. Typing software; Almena Method; JavaScript PowerPac for ToolBook; online typing courses.

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The biggest obstetrical is no one believes it can work.

Learn the almena method free – Google Docs

It sounds so good is there any demo I could try please. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. In conjunction with my keyboarding book, Keyboarding Made Simpleyou can get download the NoPeeKee Keyboard graphic to use as reference when you are keyboarding. Order the Almena software today and within one hour, you will be typing full sentences, without looking down on the computer keyboard, and go through our innovative practice exercises and speed tests to help you increase your speed and accuracy, within a matter of a few hours.

Email required Address never made public. The Almena Method is a full typing course.

The Almena Method Typing Program

When I type or even when I learned to typeI do not think consciously where the keys are. I would like to know more about almena method. We are able to move this population to 50 wpm within a month’s time I have met several educators that have the attitude that something so simple can really work or have other motives for putting down Almena. Almena is the best! Save hours trying to create interactive content. This will really help you get off to a good start.


The Almena Method is quite different from the standard style of mastering the homerow and then moving throughout the rest of the keyboard learning the keys.

Just like playing a musical instrument, the more you practice, the better you get. Yes, I need to learn keyboarding first.

Almena has developed a method to correct bad habits that is unique for each individual. The Almena Method teaches touch typing quickly and accurately. February 9, at 2: Last time I timed myself, I was typing at 60 wpm.

Learn to Type | Almena Method

Our software products may be purchased by individuals or by schools and institutions for classroom use. Almena has got into the psychology of skill development and how to motivate people no matter what age. Learn how to type in just ONE easy lesson.

After several emails back and forth they reluctantly almema refund my money. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Notify me of new comments via email. Hi I need to know if I should buy the Almena for children or not I will be teaching my own children do they make it a lot more attractive the course for children and will I need to buy the further courses anyway s they get better and better?


I am so interested in the Almena Method. June 30, at 9: The program is not limited to learning the jingles.

November 17, at It is a proven and successful application. It has been of my 20 plus years promoting the Almena Method even expert typists can significantly improve their typing skill with The Almena Method and beginners really excel.

Almna works for people who like to use tricks for remembering things. Hi Vali, the Almena Method is software and is zlmena learning.

Notice the first jingle, Q uiet A unt Z elda, is for the three keys you hit with your left pinky.